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Camping Les 2 Lacs is located in a valley 800m outside Beauville. You will also find all kinds of brochures and information at the campsite. If you would like to reserve something but are not entirely sure of your French, we are happy to help you. 

The village of Beauville is located high up and overlooks a wide field hilly area filled with, among other things, sunflowers, corn and orchards. The differences in color are beautiful. 

The residents of the small town of Lot et Garonne happily welcome tourists. and that means that the locals really like it when tourists come. You will notice this, for example, in the employees of tourist office who always do their best to make themselves understood.

The small supermarket in Beauville is well supplied. (For the large hyper marchés you have to drive about 20 minutes.) There is also a doctor, pharmacy, veterinarian, doctor on teleconsultation, and so on. The café de l'expo is a real meeting place on Sunday mornings. 

Walygator Agen

If the children have had enough of swimming and playing at the camping, there is of course park Walygator in Agen for a real day trip.

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